Semi-OT: Mac IIsi and Open Transport

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Mon Jun 12 23:20:33 2000

This is semi-OT, since the IIsi has two years to go before it's on topic :-)

For a Commodore nut, I sure seem to be doing a steady traffic in Apples.
>From the same place I got the SE/30 and the IIgs ROM 3, I also picked up a
IIsi. After some cursing because it was set up with At UnEase, I rigged a
boot disk, trashed AE and started poking around.

It's an '030 with 5MB RAM running System 7.1. I'm finally seeing value in
the tuition I pay to Loma Linda University, since I basically went to the
System Folder on all their System 7 Macs and grabbed all the extensions and
control panels. Surprisingly, at least to me (the systems in question were
7.5 or later), this seemed to work EXCEPT for OpenTransport. PC Exchange
purrs like a kitten and I'm able to handle ProDOS and DOS like a pro. (By
the way, what files does ProDOS 8 need to have on the disk for it to be
bootable?) But the IIsi simply refuses to mount OT.

I downloaded 1.0.8 from the Apple support site and tried that, but it simply
said it could not be installed on this particular model and gave no further
explanation. The readme asserts that it will run on '030s and 7.1, though,
for all the versions available from However, they appear
to be updates, not installs (except for 1.0.8, the 1.1.x versions say that
1.1 must be installed already).

Simply copying the libraries and the Shared Library Manager into the
Extensions folder doesn't work. It just ignores them, and when I try to
start the TCP/IP or AppleTalk control panels, it whines that OT is not
running. Copying fresh ones from the "uninstallable" install disk doesn't
do any good either.

Any suggestions? I'm really hoping to avoid having to make the monster (for
this poor thing) download of 7.5+ from the Apple support site if I can avoid
it. I don't mind System 7.1 at all, really.

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