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From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Tue Jun 13 04:37:31 2000

>There was a great documentary on The History Channel a few nights ago
>about the role radar played in WWII, and made a compelling case that it is
>the one thing that won the war.

Seems like "most" of the history specials do that, which makes me think it
was actually a much more chancy thing then many assume in hindsight. So
many "pivotal" points, big mistakes, great strokes of luck, wise
descisions, amazing that schools manage to make history suck, when it is
SUCH a good story.

A few pivotal points off the top of my head.

Attack on Pearl Harbor, including fumbled declaration of war.

Invasion of Soviet Union.

Manhatten project, actually dropping bombs on Japan.

Hitlers poor relations and distrust of military leadership.

US stopping at Berlin and waiting for Soviets.

Failure to adequately take advantage of submarines, V2, and jet technology.

Chamberlines policy of appeasement.
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