Looking inside before you buy etc.

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Tue Jun 13 12:01:14 2000

>> So far it is just about any place where the "boss" directly handles all
>> transactions. Most of the time you can use your Jedi mind powers on the
>> weak minded employees who could give a rats anyway, even if they bleat
>> pitifully about you can't do that while you go ahead and do it. The boss,
>> who is saavy to the change in value from untested to tested, doesn't work
>> that way. The classic drive me nuts variety is when I make a deal on a
>> pallet, work two hours stripping parts, then have the owner want me to pay
>> by the part like they were in some display case at a retail store.
>This can work both ways too though, I was at one establishment (unnamed)
>trying to get a working Apple II floppy drive, so I offered to bring in my own
>apple and test each of their drives, provided I could buy one of the working
>ones at the "As is" price!
>Of all the drives I could find in the store, only 3 worked. but now
>Mr.StoreGuy has a pile of "Tested-BAD" drives! (Well good for steppermotors

Ah, but the store owner now had one more thing in the deal, an education,
don't let anybody test your stuff at a fixed price. Its the kind of mistake
easy for a basically honest person to make. OTOH Apple II drives are pretty
hard to break, how did you test them? Could it have just been
incompatibility? Thats the second risk, customer tests your stuff
pronounces it bad, but later on it turns out they (generic they, not you)
didn't know beans and the stuff is just fine (which of course you find out
after customer B buys it for parts and retests later).
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