From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Tue Jun 13 12:40:33 2000

Went to Chicago to visit relatives over the weekend but couldn't find any
decent used computer stores. Maybe they are in the suburbs? Highlight of the
trip was I stayed in a hotel, room 1337. ph33r hax0rs!

Went to the local salvation army and picked up an Atari 850 peripherial
expansion box, a Disney Sound Sources paralell port sound box (Funny) a few
assorted cables, and most importantly, a book on various expansion bussees
circa 1983. Covers S-100, Tandy, Multibus, TI/99, Apple II./III. Interesting
stuff, and cool pictures of wacky niche machines (The Heathkit LSI-11
Computer, The KIM-1) Happy Hunting!
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