Mac 800K floppy support (was Re: AppleTalk on the hoof)

From: Mark <>
Date: Tue Jun 13 14:37:57 2000

On Mon, 12 Jun 2000 r. 'bear' stricklin wrote:
> > "r. 'bear' stricklin" <> wrote:
> > > I'm pretty sure it's just a ROM limitation, as the SE/30 uses the exact
> > > same floppy drive as the later IIci and others which can't read or write
> > > the older GCR-type disks.
> >
> > Huh? My IIci reads and writes 400K and 800K GCR disks with no problems
> > whatsoever. As does my SE/30.
> Huh, indeed. I must have misremembered the list. PowerMacs certainly won't
> do it, and I was pretty sure that most, if not all, of the '90s Macs
> wouldn't either.

I don't know where you got this misinformation from, but Power Macs do support
800K floppies (apart from recent models which don't have a floppy drive and
perhaps the G3 models).

Every Mac previous to the Power Macs also supports 800K floppies (apart from
the very earliest ones which only had 400K drives).

See the "Power Macintosh 7600 Series: Technical Specifications" at

Other Technical Specifications documents on the TIL site for other Power Mac
series computers also contain this text:

* Internal Apple SuperDrive floppy disk drive
-- Accepts high-density 1.4MB disks and 800K disks
-- Reads, writes, and formats Macintosh, Windows, MS-DOS, OS/2, and ProDOS

Also see
This has a brief explanation on why access to 800K floppies is slower under
newer Mac models.

-- Mark
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