VAX poem I found lying around

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Tue Jun 13 16:36:47 2000

> >from:
> >
> >The following made the rounds when the VAX was is just
> >as valid today as it was then...
> Hey Now! Some of us on this list are a bit fanatical about our VAXen! :^)
> Besides I've got to object to the following:
> > But you can't do an "exch",
> > And it makes you say "bletch",
> >When you see all the RSX cruft.
> $ exch
> $
> Besides, what's wrong with RSX? It strikes me as a perfectly decent OS.
> Zane

Well, it gave Dave Cutler a start in the OS business...
Otherwise he'd still be at DuPont and Microsoft wouldn't have stolen

Perhaps then KL's would've been upgraded to faster hardware and the VAX/VMS
OS would've never occurred. (I really like VAX/VMS though)...

Perhaps there would've been the 11/68... the Jupiter machine...
The 11/74...

Bill Gates would've just been a Basic seller.



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