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From: R. D. Davis <rdd_at_smart.net>
Date: Tue Jun 13 22:44:01 2000

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Tony Duell wrote:
> > Uh, no, at least not in the US if the shop owner has half a brain. Even
> > if you walk in off the street there's a notion of an FOB point; up to
> > that point the seller is responsible for the item (including moving it)
> > regardless of if title has changed hands and after which there is no
> > responsibility. However, if I define FOB as being the place where it
> > sits or I hand it to you I *do not* automatically grant you permission
> > to do what you please with it on my premises, nor do I incur any liability
> > for refusing to allow you to do so.

That certainly can't be true for all shops over here.

> The USA is even more screwed up than I thought!

Yes, in some ways it is, alas - it's not the same country that I
remember growing up in a couple of decades ago, where people had more
freedom of speech (no such thing as that political correctness lunacy)
and didn't feel like they were living in a police state where
spineless idiots were willing to trade freedom for safety, etc. Of
course, one must remember that during the big wars (WWI and WWII),
this nation's government was allowed to turn into a monster collecting
more and more taxes and imposing more and more control over the lives
of individuals; actually, the beginnings of that I recon were actually
around the time of the Civil War. Who benefitted the most from WWII,
if you think about it? Certain large multinational corporations in
the U.S., Japan and Germany, etc., at the expense of lives and money
stolen from taxpayers which went into their profits.

Because politics here is such a screwed-up mess, it's typically the
idiots with screwed-up brains who want to get involved in it, and with
the help of the newspapers, and TV and radio news, more and more of
which are owned by huge corporations, the idiot-puppets get elected,
and, hence, the country gets more and more screwed up.

Back when I was in grade school, and in some college classes as well,
we were often taught, in history classes, etc. about the falls of
ancient Greece and Rome, and how such things a corruption in
government, etc. could cause the same thing here. Apparently few
others were paying attention; people get so obsessed with little pet
issues, that they don't look at the whole picture when they go to vote
- plus, most people are apparently like sheep - they only want to vote
for the candidate that they think is popular and will win, so, the
polls (that some people believe the results of) also influence

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