You think you can't find anything! (Was: Ohmygosh... A *few* finds...)

From: David Vohs <>
Date: Wed Jun 14 16:45:52 2000

>>2) This is the "believe it or not" catagory for this >>area: I found a
>>copy of Digital Research's Concurrent >>DOS 386, with all docs, slightly
>>beat up box but >>otherwise in very good shape, marked $1.00. I >>say:
>>"Will ya take 50
>>cents?" They say "sure." Bargain of the day! ;-)
>I have a CCdos 386 kit (release 3)and I've run it. DRI >was on the right
>track and it was quite a bit better >than MS-DOS.
>>Usually the landscape is littered with '286s for >>$300.00 (firm).
>I bet the reason there are a lot of them around is the >price! Here thats
>a decent 486DX/66(or faster) that can >run winders complete with tube.

You think you people can't find anything! Pickin's are so slim out here,
last time I picked up anything interesting was right about early March or

My point is simply this: If there is anything I have learned in this long,
strange trip that is life, it is to never complain about anything, there is
always someone who has it worse than you do.
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