Tek 4014/5 emulation

From: Mark Champion <mark.champion_at_am.sony.com>
Date: Wed Jun 14 17:50:11 2000

The Tek 4014 had a mode called "Point Plot State". In this mode, only the final vector endpoints are plotted. You enter "Point Plot State" from "Vector State" or "Alpha State" with the FS character.

Some Tek 4014 emulators do not implement "Point Plot State" correctly or at all, so you may want to plot your points using normal "Vector State" commands. For this, just send a GS character followed by the point location (dark vector) followed by the point location again (light vector with zero length).

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> ::OK, to get it into graphics mode you send it a GS (Group Separator, 0x1d)
> ::character. The first vector drawn after entering graphics mode will be
> ::dark (not displayed, a move rather than a draw)_unless_ the GS is
> ::immediately followed by a BEL (Bell, 0x07) character. If it is, then the
> ::first vector is drawn. All subsequent vectors are darwn.
> [excellent stuff snipped]
> Okay, that seems simple enough :-P, but how do I plot individual points,
> say?
> What I'm writing is a Tek image viewer so that I can use a dummy
> terminal and Lynx to still be able to view pictures.
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