Tek 4014/5 emulation

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I believe you are correct regarding the EGM. Thanks for clarifying that point.

Regarding the line length, I presume most users use "word-wrap" for their email readers. This allows the reader to format the screen as desired (similar to the way web browsers handle text). I believe all HTML compatible email programs have this capability.

The big advantage of handling email this way is that when the line lengths increase due to the > or > > or > > > which stack-up with each reply, the email remains completely readable and well formatted. (I'm sure everyone has received the email which is littered with tons of > > > > > > > > > and barely intelligible.)

If this is a general problem for other readers, let me know and I will add the line breaks for any additional posts to this group.

Mark Champion
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> [Please could you set your mail software to limit the line length to < 80
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> >
> > The Tek 4014 had a mode called "Point Plot State". In this mode, only the
> > final vector endpoints are plotted. You enter "Point Plot State" from
> > "Vector State" or "Alpha State" with the FS character.
> According to the manual, this mode (and incremental plot mode, etc) is
> only available if you have an EGM (Enhanced Graphics Module, Option 34)
> installed in the 4014. This appears to consist of an extra PCB (Discrete
> Plot Card) and replacements for a lot of the other boards.
> I think I could justify that a 4014 emulator need not support this mode :-)
> >
> > Some Tek 4014 emulators do not implement "Point Plot State" correctly or at
> > all, so you may want to plot your points using normal "Vector State"
> > commands. For this, just send a GS character followed by the point
> > location (dark vector) followed by the point location again (light vector
> > with zero length).
> This is the documented way to do it on all 4014s.
> -tony
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