New find: HP 1000 E series

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Jun 14 21:02:05 2000

So far, all the HP 21mx line that I've found uses the same key. Just let me
know where to send one and I'll get a copy made and send it to ya.

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Subject: Re: New find: HP 1000 E series

> Carlos wrote about an HP 1000 E-series:
> > I have not been able to open the front panel
> > latch because I do not have the key, so I don't know
> > what's in the front card cage;
> One of the screws behind the front panel "flange", when removed, will
> cause the panel latch assembly to fall to the bottom of the machine,
> and the front panel to flop open. It is then a simple matter to remove
> the lock and take it to a locksmith to either get a key made or get it
> rekeyed. It's also very easy to reassemble.
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