Fw: New find: HP 1000 E series

From: Carlos Murillo <cem14_at_cornell.edu>
Date: Thu Jun 15 07:16:45 2000

Thanks; I really appreciate that.



At 10:16 PM 6/14/00 -0700, you wrote:
>"Jay West" <west_at_tseinc.com> wrote:
>> I use 12531 controllers. I do have a few baci boards, but I'm not
>> sure what docs I have on them. I'll look, but anyone else have this
>> handy?
>Looks like I have manuals (installation/service/reference and
>diagnostic) for these (12966A) and they shouldn't be buried too deep,
>maybe I can look for them tomorrow or (more likely) this weekend.
>-Frank McConnell
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