A Great Find & A Defense of E-Bay

From: Richard Erlacher <richard_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Thu Jun 15 18:50:08 2000

Gee! I had no idea they had a pricing structure for buyers. The "take"
that they claim is pretty low by comparison with sale through consignment at
the local surplus electronics store. Moreover, eBay lets you sell whatever
you want to sell.

I've paid the eBay guys about $10 which I felt was a small cost for getting
rid of, and paid for, things I otherwise couldn't even get someone to pick
up. I certainly don't find that eBay has "buried" me in anything. Clearly,
I was unhappy when one of my items was listed under stuffed animals and
found by a lone bidder, who was willing to pay my minimum, which I'd happily
have accepted any time. Of course I've not listed dozens of things at once,
nor have I ever attempted to buy anything there. The latter, of course, is
because I don't want more obsolete computer equipment.

Not everybody will understand, much less, agree with, my position on eBay,
but, like prostitutes and lawyers, they provide a service that's of use to


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> >In closing, I'd say no one should limit themselves
> >to searching only at *any* auction site, but I wouldn't
> >avoid E-Bay just because prices sometimes range too
> >high.
> It's not just the pricing structure for me, and the fact that there are
> clusters of morons Out There who have more money and time than common
> sense. A big part of it for me is that, for sellers, E-pay will bury you
> listing fees, sales percentages, etc.
> And their "privacy" policies for both buyers and sellers? Don't even get
> me started! Give them a millimeter, and not only will they profile you to
> death, but they will actually spam you. I wouldn't be in the least
> surprised if they're reselling users' marketing data either.
> The game show "Let's Make A Deal!" was once dubbed the "Seat of Greed" in
> the USA. I think that title has now been taken by E-pay. While I did have
> some good luck with them several years ago, before they grew to the
> size they are today, I think I can say with confidence that it's just "not
> fun" any more.
> When I put something up for auction, it goes to haggle.com. Much smaller,
> much friendlier, and they don't charge anything for listings, nor do they
> charge a percentage of the sale.
> I definitely hear where your coming from, but E-pay is no longer a part of
> my search routines when I'm looking for stuff.
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