Tek 4014/5 emulation

From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Fri Jun 16 12:43:36 2000

> It really does seem to me that it's very much a Windoze/non-Windoze
> thing. Next time someone emails you HTML crap, look at the headers.
> It *all* comes from Windoze boxes. On the other hand, everyone I
> associate with around here (home and work) uses Unix boxes of one
> form or another...for the most part, they're all running perfectly
> *NEW* modern hardware, running current, state-of-the-art
> software...and I get NO HTML crap from any of them.

Hey, its a Windoze world, like it or not, and the public follows it. Same
with Macs. This list may be heavily slanted towards older systems
(understatement of the day), and I certainly can see why most of us do not
want HTML, but really, this is now in the minority. Most mailing lists I
am on do not discourage HTML at all - I just have to live with it. Same
with mail from my non-computer friends. I figure that one of these days I
will actually start using a modern mailer, rather than moan about it.

> Non-HTML email is not exclusive to those of us who are into classic
> computing. Non-HTML email isn't a "dying, quaint old way of doing
> things" like some of the sold-on-Microsoft people seem to think.

Well...yes it is. I would venture to say that these days, more use it
than not.

There really is no technical need to restrict HTML in email - the net is
not nearly as choked as it used to be, so the argument of "wasted
bandwith" is not really valid, and almost everyone has the ability to read
HTML email as it is to be viewed, including most of the Unix people. If
nearly everyone can read it without heavy demands on the net - what's
wrong with it?

William Dnzelli
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