Apple III motherboard

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Jun 16 14:15:52 2000

> On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
> > machine. While I understand that SOS (wasn't that the
> > name of the OS, Apple SOS, pronounced "Applesauce"?)
> Sophisticated Operating System
> > I'd start saving to disk every 5 lines. Since I compose
> > to paper (and still do and cannot understand why some
> > programmers compose directly into thr machine), at
> Um, speed and efficiency?

Haste makes waste.

The speed and effeciency people I've known get the job
done quicker but with a higher load of bugs. They (or
someone) have to re-work it until it's right. By
composing to paper, I catch everything except conceived-
of-the-wrong-solution-for-this-problem. All syntax
errors and all flow-of-logic errors show up on paper.

Of course, they show up during execution, too. Along
with hair that either disappears or turns grey.

Then again, people vote with their checkbooks, and over
and over, buggy software that's available NOW sells better
than the bug-free software that's just-around the-corner.
Talk about being trapped on the wheel of Karma!
> > 'Nuff said; I intended and maintain committed no disparagement
> > of Louis, only of the Apple ///. I was this very day going
> > to compose and post a message about Computers I Love to Hate,
> > but the timing of his posting changed the opportunity.
> Do it! Do it!

Not today, but soon...
> My vote is for the Commodore 64. Whenever you find one, if the
> motherboard isn't dead, the power supply is! And if it does
> work, it will die quite more readily than any other computer
> I've ever used. I've never had as many other computers up
> and die on me as the C64.

I once tried to help a friend stuck working on a C64- once,
and never again. ;-)

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