Apple III motherboard

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Fri Jun 16 16:49:39 2000

::> 'Nuff said; I intended and maintain committed no disparagement
::> of Louis, only of the Apple ///. I was this very day going
::> to compose and post a message about Computers I Love to Hate,
::> but the timing of his posting changed the opportunity.
::Do it! Do it!
::My vote is for the Commodore 64. Whenever you find one, if the
::motherboard isn't dead, the power supply is! And if it does work, it will
::die quite more readily than any other computer I've ever used. I've never
::had as many other computers up and die on me as the C64.

On the other hand, C128s are nice and reliable when you find them. It also
depends on the motherboard version. 64Cs are generally in good condition
and so are the later brown 64s (check the serial number).

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