A Great Find & A Defense of E-Bay

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Fri Jun 16 17:07:29 2000

John Foust writes:
> Why doesn't eBay realize the great value they have in the historical
> database of sale prices, pictures and descriptions. They're throwing
> away the content that has been created for them for free. They should
> archive the picture.

William Donzelli replies:
> Ebay does not want keep all of the auctions as a publicly accessable
> database, simply because it is not their job. After a few months, they
> can "wash their hands" of the deal, and with it, any disputes that may
> come up afterwards (problems in the car auctions leap to mind). They don't
> want the legal hassles, basically.

They can *sell* access to the archives. As far as problems that come up
after auctions complete, they have potential problems whether they keep
the data or not.
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