Programming on Paper (was Re: Apple III motherboard)

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Fri Jun 16 18:16:10 2000

> > From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
> > Since I compose
> > to paper (and still do and cannot understand why some
> > programmers compose directly into thr machine),

You do that too? I always got more code written in a shorter period
of time that way. When modifying code, paper is all the more useful,
particularly wide greenbar with the code to be modified or added to
printed out on it. My former employer had no printer with greenbar,
which really came as a shock to me, as every place else I'd ever
worked had at least one high-speed line printer. It's too annoying to
make changes to long programs on the screen; much easier to leaf
through pages of code and pencil in changes, draw lines here and
there, circle things, etc. than to go from screen to screen with an
editor, as that can become confusing with large programs. No wonder
modern code has become so bloated and full of bugs; the programmers
have less of an idea what they're working on.

Even stranger was the fact that most of the people I worked with, who
were programmers, had no idea what greenbar was, even when it was
described to them!

Hopefully line printers and wide dot-matrix printers aren't on their
way to becoming obsolete.

R. D. Davis             
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