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I'm reading through an issue of Computers & Electronics from November 1982
(formerly Popular Electronics) I found here at work.

Here's something on page 23 for Marvin & Hans (and anyone else who has

Microcomputer Trainer. The Micro-Professor is a Z80-based system
featuring a six digit LED display, 2K-bytes of ROM (expandable to 8K),
2K-bytes of RAM, 24 I/O lines, 2K monitor, cassette interface,
countertimer circuits, a user wire-wrap area, 36-key keyboard, 9-volt
power adapter, and an extension connector. The system is expandable.
$129.95. Address: Etronix, 14803 N.E. 40th, Redmond, WA 98052

Here's something for the Commodore fans (same page). I've never heard of
this one before:

CBM 16-bitter. The BX256 is a multiprocessor system using a 6509 and 8088
with an optional Z80, 256K of internal RAM expandable to 640K externally,
40K of ROM, and interfaces for IEEE-488, RS232, CBM cassette, 8-bit user
port, and a carthridge slot. The green phosphor video monitor has
80-columns of 25 lines and has tilt/swivel controls. The detachable
94-key keyboard includes a separate numeric keypad featuring a double-zero
key, clear entry key, and a double-size enter key for ease of use. The
keyboard also has 10 user-definable keys. A built-in 6581 CPU allows a
full 3-voice, 9-octave music synthesizer having an output for an external
audio system. A dual disk drive is built in as is a realtime clock.
Software includes BASIC 4.0, with options of CP/M, CP/M-86, and UCSD
Pascal. The BX256 micro processor system supportsd all CBM peripherals.
Planned price is $2995. Address: Commodore Business Machines Inc., The
Meadows, 487 Devon Park Drive, Wayne, PA 19087.

I love this stuff!

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