OT: 911 (was Re: A Great Find & A Defense of E-Bay)

From: Chris Kennedy <chris_at_mainecoon.com>
Date: Fri Jun 16 19:28:07 2000

Dave McGuire wrote:


> Well, since you mentioned it, the '95 car I mentioned above is a
> Porsche 911...a car that has changed very little over the years since
> its introduction.

I suppose it depends on what you define as "changed very little". '71, '73,
'74, '76, '78, '82 and '85 all introduce significant chassis changes.
The liquid-cooled current production engine has only passing resemblance
to the air-cooled precursors and the transaxle has seen radical changes.
About the only thing that is really constant about the car is the shape,
the transmission-in-front-of-differential-in-front-of-engine-layout
and the organization of the engine as a boxer-six. Oh, and the location
of the ignition on the left-hand side of the wheel :-)

Look hard enough and almost every bit has been radically revisited, which
coupled with the amazing ability to graft in stuff from the 930/34/35 and
even a few 928 bits, makes for *all sorts* of fun for those of us who get
geeky over 911s... :-)
Chris Kennedy
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