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Date: Fri Jun 16 18:39:07 2000

More from the same issue of Computers & Electronics (Nov/82). Has anyone
ever heard of this machine?

Introducing a Brand New Microcomputer: Venture

VENTURE is a single board computer that is an adventure for the hobbyist.
It is a learning training computer as well as just plain fun for anyone
who wants to get into a state-of-the-art computer at reasonable cost.

VENTURE comes in kit form or fully assembled and tested. You can get it
in its minimum configuration for as little as $195.00 or take it all the
way to floppy disks and voice. It can be expanded as a kit or fully
assembled, at your own pace and choice.

VENTURE is a 16" by 20" main board with separate ASCII and HEX keyboards.
It runs fast, almost 4 MHz and has the capability of putting 1.5 megabytes
of RAM and ROM on the board along with a variety of inexpensive options.

On Board Options: 16 channel A to D; 5 slot 60 pin bus, 2 serial ports,
parallel ports; 4 video options incl. color, 52K RAM, Votrax voice
synthesizer, sound generator, EPROM; Full Basic, disassembler, editor,
assembler; metal cabinet, additional power supply, ASCII keyboard, real
time clock calendar.

Expansion Options: Floppy Disc, EPROM Programmer, light pen, universal
user programmable music, sound board, high resolution color/grayscale
pixel mapped video board, General Purpose Instrument Bus, 8088
co-processor board.

Minimum VENTURE System: $195.00

Kit includes CPU and control with 4K of RAM, 1K of scratchpad, 2K monitor,
1861 video graphics, cassette interface and separate HEX keyboard with LED
displays for address and output. Power supply is included along with 2
game cassettes, The main board is 16" x 20" and includes space for all of
the previously dicussed on-board options. Full on-board expansion can be
completed for under $1000.00.

I want one!

The ad is from Quest Electronics in Santa Clara, CA. They also sold kits
for the RCA Cosmac 1802 Super Elf, the Rockwell AIM 65, as well as a modem
kit, a Z80 Microcomputer kit, and various ICs and such.

The ads in the back (the low budget ones) have an even neater array of
single board computers being sold by what would seem to be hobbyists
trying to sell their creations in the commercial arena. There's an ad for
a 68000-based singleboard, a port expander module for the HP-41, plus
various add-ons for various computers of the day (Sinclair, Atari, TRS-80,
etc). Finally, there's a small add for a IBM Selectric-to-computer
adaptor to use the typewriter as a printer.

Anyone ever hear of Synchro-Sette magazine (for the Sinclair ZX-81,

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