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Date: Sat Jun 17 00:01:06 2000

If anyone has the game or puzzle, I would also be interested! And as with
Sellam, I almost certainly have something it will run on. wrote:
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> > This is too cool. Advertised in the Dec/82 issue of Computers &
> > Electronics, there's an ad on page 67 for a game for the TS-1000/ZX-81
> > called Krakit. It's a puzzle type adventure game. What makes it special
> > is that the publisher put up a $20,000 prize for the first person who
> > could crack it.
> >
> > "KRAKIT consists of 12 clues on a ready-to-run ZX81 or TS1000 cassette
> > tape (16k RAM). The answer to each clue is the name of a country, or a
> > city or town, and a number. If you are the first qualified entrant to
> > solve all 12 clues and declared the winner, you receive two tickets to the
> > city of the secret KRAKIT vault location. When you arrive at that
> > location, a check for a minimum amount of $20,000.00 (U.S.) will be
> > presented to you. The amount of the prize money is augmented weekly."
> >
> > Has anyone ever heard of this? Did anyone ever crack it?
> Sellam, if you ever read any of the Timex Sinclair related mags you would be
> blown away.
> Not too long ago on this ng the TS1000/ZX81 was voted "most limited" small
> computer. Bull. Thousands of third-party developers of hardware and
> software produced every imaginable type of product for this machine.
> As regards Krakit, to my knowledge no one ever cracked it. I'll put out some
> feelers.
> > This game was published by International Publishing & Software Inc. It
> > seems like an awful lot of money for a relatively unknown outfit to be
> > offering. I wonder if it wasn't all just a sham, i.e. one of the clues
> > was so hard as to be impossible to solve :)
> I don't think it was a sham, it just didn't go over very well.
> > If anyone has this game I'd like to have a copy of it.
> Do you have a machine to run it on?
> Glen
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