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Date: Sat Jun 17 10:05:26 2000

I'm on vacation so wait a week for more detail.

The winchester port is nto quite as it requires an external
adaprtor that getyou you SCSI to an ADATEK or other SCSI bridge to MFM

It uses a seperate monitor MGAish, and keyboard(non pc compatable).
I'd consider one clean with tube and keyboard for 50-100$ a good deal.
If with hard disk box better yet. the two floppies are single sided
96tpi teac fd55-f drives so it does/can do RX50 formats and a few
others. It's CA.1985 and a good example of how a 4mhz z80 cpm box
can be pushed.

The graphics is done by a seperate 6502 so teh z80 is not loaded
by that task and ther is 128k ram for the z80 with mmu. This is
not the usual Z80 cpm machine. It was sold with CPM-3 on it.

I have three of them and full disks/docs.


On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Jim Battle wrote:

> While at a thrift shop today, I came across a "Visual 1050" computer.
> It didn't look like a PC, so of course I was intrigued. It has video out,
> a parallel port, and port for a winchester (yes, that's the label, I guess
> before everybody settled on "hard disk"), and two 5.25" floppies in
> front. It isn't a complete system, no monitor, no docs, no software,
> just the box itself, not even the keyboard (I think).
> I did a little web searching and found it is a CP/M machine, Z80 based.
> It also appears to have 640x240 graphics display as well as text.
> Does anybody know more about this -- is there anything particularly
> interesting about it, or is it just another CP/M machine? Will I get
> $15 worth of entertainment out of it? Is there someone on the list
> who is dying to get their hands on a Visual 1050?
> Thanks for any info.
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