VAXStation VLC's still available

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sat Jun 17 15:36:50 2000

CC to CLASSICCMP and port-VAX...

Hi, folks,

        As of last weekend, when I was at RE-PC, I noticed that the VAXStation VLC
pile still seemed to be the same height. My guess is that the initial
asking price was high enough to scare people off.

        Well, let me put it this way. Mark (one of RE-PC's owners) probably needs
the floor space a lot more than the VAXen, so make an offer on a VLC while
they're still there! I suggest starting at $20-$25 plus shipping.

        Since the VLC pile hadn't moved, I'm willing to bet that the 4000/90 is
still at the bottom of it.

        If you want to get in on this, give Mark Dabek a call (206-575-8737), tell
him I referred you, and go from there.

        Thanks much.

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