A Great Find & A Defense of E-Bay

From: John Wilson <wilson_at_dbit.dbit.com>
Date: Sat Jun 17 17:14:51 2000

On Sat, Jun 17, 2000 at 01:59:43PM -0500, Charles P. Hobbs (SoCalTip) wrote:
[6-tone beep in TI99 FastTerm]
>Wasn't that sequence taken from one of the demo programs in the
>Editor/Assembler manual?

Well that would figure! That ^G is the only time I can remember his computer
making sound so he may not have been a wiz at programming the sound port
(I forget, is it that weird GI chip that MicroMint used to use too?), that
would explain referring to the example but it's not reason to snip it out

>I heard about that. Wasn't that about the time that Jim "Tigercub"
>Peterson passed on? Not a particularly happy issue of Micropendium, that

Beats me, the name sounds very slightly familiar but I was never a TI99 guy.
I think the Colin Ferguson thing was roughly the same time as OJ's little
adventure, the trials were more or less concurrent (but Ferguson's was a lot
more fun to watch!!!). I wonder what ever happened to Ferguson's appeal,
IIRC he got 5 life sentences so I naturally figured he was looking to get
it cut down to just 3 life sentences. :-) That would be about in character.

John Wilson
D Bit
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