Miniscribe 6086?

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> drives at a company I worked for in 92/93. We called our 'boneyard' "The
> Closet of Shame". The drives were an MFM mech with an IDE board attached.
> They used stepper actuators and sucked eggs for reliability. They did
> sound neat though.....

WD was chip maker till they bought out Tandon. In that few years,
all of their 20-40-60MB were all steppers and exact same design that
Tandon originally designed for 3.5" years back. WD's early HH 3.5"
was the basis for all their early 1" height drives but it was so
utter unreliable still.

Miniscribe was bought out by Maxtor for no reason. Maxtor was
famillar enough with voice coil and not as good as Miniscribe still
back then. I wondered why many time "Why was the Maxtor looking for
when they have Miniscribe's IP in hand?" Only I can see is their
Maxtor-designed 7000 series that it. What else?

Now, Maxtor is getting better now I think hopefully.

I find that stepper has their place and with my experience all die
when they're faster than 65ms average seek time. Including Seagate.
To seek faster, voice coil is the solution.

I once saw a Miniscribe or Maxtor 5.25" FH with 8 or 10 platters w/
voice coil type in a natural colored potmetal oval clamshell split
in the middle where spindle axle is and ribbed in whole length of it.
 What was the series of this one?

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