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From: John Rollins <>
Date: Sun Jun 18 01:26:02 2000

Added about a dozen boxes of Macintosh software and some minor
hardware items to the collection, as well as a TRS-80 Model 100 with
some books and a few ROM modules. Seems to be working just fine, but
the bottom is covered in duct tape to keep some covers from falling
off. Even got a modem cable! Oh yeah, and three boxes of aviation
material, including several flight computers(Jeppesen CR-5 and CR-2,
a plastic Dalton E-6B, a Cessna Model 185 computer, a Delta II
Take-off computer, a half-plastic half-metal Dalton E-6B, a pair of
CPU-26A/P's(all-metal), and a pair of Weems aircraft plotters). In
the Mac stuff there are tons of programs, at least a half dozen
copies of PageMaker, lots of odds and ends(what the heck do you do
with a financial planner desk accessory? I don't even know if MacOS 8
supports those!) that I haven't sorted through yet. The MacSnap box
was empty :-(, but there was an external 800k floppy drive.
Anyone know of any good sites for TRS-80 stuff?
OK, now the interesting part... It's an 8-volume book set called
"The Secret Guide to Computers", tenth edition. Popular BASIC(Vol 1),
Popular Systems(Vol 3), Popular Applications(Vol 5), Popular
Languages(Vol 7), and then Hassles in BASIC(Vol 2), Hassles in
Systems(Vol 4), Hassles in Applications(Vol 6) and Hassles in
Languages(Vol 8).
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