Russian Space Shuttle (was RE: Programming on Paper)

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Mon Jun 19 14:12:25 2000

> I remember it this way
> Buran = Blizzard.


> Buran was nearly identical to our shuttle.
> sorta a cheaper looking knock-off.

They even admit to having bought a set of the shuttle plans when Nasa was
selling them.

> Buran never flew.
> A smaller (probably unmanned) capsule was
> flown, and photographs released.

Bzzt. Buran flew once in an automated test flight. Unfortunately the Soviet
economy collapsed before they could really make use of their shuttle. In some
ways it's a better design than the US shuttle - especially its liquid fueled
Energea booster instead of the more dangerous solid fueled boosters used on
the US shuttle. Advantage? You can turn it OFF.

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