vintage computer books for sale

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Date: Mon Jun 19 15:51:57 2000

$10 each plus book rate shipping.

DEC LA36/LA35 DECwriter II Maintenance Manual, 1977
DEC LA36/LA35 DECwriter II User's Manual, 1977
DEC PDP-11 BA11-K 10.5 Inch Mounting Box Technical Manual, 1978
DEC PDP-11 DL-11 Asynchronous Line Interface Manual, 1975 (reproduction)
DEC PDP-11 DL11-W Serial Line Unit/Real-Time Clock Option Maintenance
Manual, 1977
DEC PDP-11 DR11-C General Device Interface Manual, 1974
DEC PDP-11 TMB11/TU10W DECmagtape System Maintenance Manual, 1979
DEC RK05/RK05J Disk Drive Preventive Maintenance Manual, 1976
DEC RK05/RK05J/RK05F Disk Driving Maintenance Manual, 1976
DEC RK05J Illustrated Parts Breakdown, 1977 (reproduction)
DEC RK11-D and RK11-E Moving Head Disk Drive Controller Manual, 1975
PDP-11/45 16-Bit Computer Illustrated Parts Breakdown, 1974 (reproduction)

Honeywell Series 200 214-1/214-2 Card Reader/Punch Theory of Operation
Manual, 1968

Teletype Model 35 ASR Technical Manual, 1971
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