Programming on Paper

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Jun 20 01:07:17 2000

--- Craig Smith <> wrote:
> Now that brings back some memories! 1969-72 at Franklin Pierce College
> writing assembly and Fortran IV stuff for a 360/60 that we timeshared
> with a bunch of other schools. I/O was a Teletype machine with a
> cardpunch and reader hooked up to it. The good old days??? I don't think
> so! You've never know true Hell until you drop a huge deck of cards
> you've worked on for a week. Craig

Didn't you learn the trick of drawing a diagonal line across the deck from
front to back and left to right? It's not perfect, but you get most of the
cards very close to their original positions the first time. You _were_
using a printing punch, right?


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