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From: David Vohs <>
Date: Tue Jun 20 17:25:11 2000

>The Mac Plus on my desk right now has cursor keys. I've
>heard that the 128k Mac (the very first model) had >neither cursor keys nor
>the numeric keypad.
>I have an Apple /// at home which has special keys for
>cursor movement. They auto-repeat quite slowly when held
>down, but if you press a bit harder, the auto-repeat >speeds up. Rather a
>nice idea, I thought.
>John Honniball
>University of the West of England

John is right. The keyboards on the Mac 128 & 512 have no arrow keys. I even
have a "proper" keyboard (made by datadesk) that has arrow keys, but they
don't work.

So I suppose that the ROM has no support for the keys.
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