ADM's on list.

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Jun 20 20:34:56 2000

Rumor has it that John Wilson may have mentioned these words:

>Anyway, add my ADM3A to the tally. Geez, I don't even remember where I
>got it... And I forget why "the dumb terminal" was supposed to sound *good*.

IIRC, I have two ADM31's in my garage (saved 'em both for $5.00 USD) but I
haven't had a chance to check them out... but I can tell you that they are
an actual computer inside... Moto 6800 processor, Moto 6845 character
generator w/EPROM for a char. rom (which might be fun to hack) and dunno
how much memory's in there, but it could be fun to turn it into an actual

I have no manuals for them... anywhere on the 'net where I might get specs
& stuff?

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