Miniscribe 6086?

From: Sipke de Wal <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 10:50:48 2000

> Despite thier poor reliability record, I still like Miniscribe drives.
> They sound neat. "Peeep wobble wobble Peep". Western Digital bought what
> was left of Miniscribe and produced some really aweful drives when IDE was
> beginning to really catch on. I remember stacks of dead WD 40mb 3.5"
> drives at a company I worked for in 92/93. We called our 'boneyard' "The
> Closet of Shame". The drives were an MFM mech with an IDE board attached.
> They used stepper actuators and sucked eggs for reliability. They did
> sound neat though.....
I remember 3.5 " WD types that were mounted in a 5.25 bracket. At some point
in their lives they would generate a lot of bad sectors in the outer cylinders.
would expect the inner cylinders because of the higher bit densities).

To fix the problem: partially unscrew the drive from the bracket (with a
an fasten it crosswise (like you would fasten a tire). The harddisk would
run another couple of years.

Some supplier threw the bad ones out, and we asked the corpses for socalled
purposes but quikly repaired them instead.

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