ADM's on list.

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 11:49:03 2000

I just realized what everyone is talking about. I picked one up a while back
from UofM Property Depot for, drumroll, $1. It looked like the old library
terminals my town used to use, when I was little I thought they looked
super-high-tech. I've got it running the console on my home linux box, which
is mounted in a big COMTAL VISION/1 mainframe cage. At least I can pretend
I'm using a mainframe...

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Subject: ADM's on list.

> > Bill Sudbrink asks:
> > How many {ADM-3A's} are out there, just on this list?
> One here. ADM-5, I think. Similiar looking. No eBay.
> (This was found, hanging above the floor, face
> down only by its cord, pushed off behind a
> table next to a networking wireharness, One
> small island of HW in a building being gutted
> just last year. The ADM had been forgotten but
> was still running happily. A workhorse.)
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