How do you finance/afford your computer collection?

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 12:53:58 2000

> I'm interested in hearing how others on this list afford to
> maintain and expand their collections. Especially people like
> John R. Keys. 8-D Basically I take money out of my budgest
> and buy something when it strikes me. Lately, Ive actually
> turned down some of the more popular computer models because
> I either have one or more, or space is at a premium. I also
> pay monthly for small off-site storage to hold some machines
> as I'm reaching over 150 computers+accessories now. Is it
> feasible to start a non-profit org to help pay for some of
> the costs one incurs while enjoying this hobby or how would
> one solicit donations? I am reluctant to become too
> commercial or plaster my domain with ads.

Ok... what you said... (in other words, ditto...) plus:

I rob Peter to buy Paul...

I sell family heirlooms (not yet, but it could happen)

I sell items from the collection that mean less now
than when I acquired them.

I look for one-off consulting jobs that involve little
or no work and put a small stipend in my pocket.

I know when the yearly bonus is coming, and make certain
I make the grade.

I eat TV dinners instead of grazing at China Buffet; I
avoid the temptation to order a pizza to be delivered;
I stop buying grocieries onesy-twosy at the Dreary Mart
and haul my ass down to Sam's and get a reasonable price.

When I'm really desparate to acquire something, I even
go back to making iced tea instead buying soft drinks;

I can get a fifth of V.O.B. for the price of a pint of
Maker's Mark, so I do that.

I skip repairs to the Audi; on this one, the law of
diminishing returns will kick in soon.

Probably other ways I can't think of right now...

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