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From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 13:01:01 2000

> Chuck:
> > HTML is rude in mail messages sent to this list, just as it s rude to
> > around nude on a beach that has not embraced nudity. So that is the
> > line. We may be HTML prudes, but we're open about it.
> While I agree with your ideas about HTML, this example is just ill
> constructed. This may be rude in your culture, but over here, nobody
> even recognizes such a behavior as 'rude' (Well, maybe if you select
> some RV Park beach ...). In munich you will even find naked people
> cheering the sun within public parks or along the Isar River, in the
> very middle of the City ...
> Examples, especialy when comparing to human behaviour are extrem
> vulnerable to cultural differences :)

However, one can grow up in a particular culture, only to find out
after-the-fact what is considered by *other people* to be rude...

case in point: I haven't flown much, but ever since deregulation
of the airlines over hear, I've had numberous people tell me that
flying didn't have the prestige it once did; instead, it is like
riding the bus.

So on one particular flight out of San Juan where most people
(apparantly) were complaining it was too cold, it was, for me,
far too hot, and I removed my shirt. Only my shirt.

Boy, I'm still hearing about that one from my co-workers... 8D

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