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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 13:16:15 2000

> At 07:24 PM 6/21/00 +0200, Hans wrote:
> >Chuck:
> > > HTML is rude in mail messages sent to this list, just as it is rude to
> > > walk
> > > around nude on a beach that has not embraced nudity. So that is the bottom
> > > line. We may be HTML prudes, but we're open about it.

> >While I agree with your ideas about HTML, this example is just ill
> >constructed. This may be rude in your culture, but over here, nobody
> >even recognizes such a behavior as 'rude' (Well, maybe if you select
> >some RV Park beach ...). In munich you will even find naked people
> >cheering the sun within public parks or along the Isar River, in the
> >very middle of the City ...

> But this is exactly my point. When people say "Gee, 95% of the worlds mail
> programs can handle HTML so you shouldn't complain about me sending it to
> the list." They are apply their "local" cultural mores to a "non-local"
> community. You're Munichens (sp?) when they visit Florida and stroll down
> the beach without tops are quite surprised when the local authorities ask
> them to cover up, they are using their local code of ethics in a place
> where it doesn't apply.

Well, we're (at least most) are aware about the 'unusual' bahavior
among US setlements :) In fact, I wasn't about to start a fight
(especialy since I agree to your statement about HTML), I just
tried to point out that some example, as good as it may look
in first sight, may be ill behaved.


It's Muenchner (or M&uuml;nchner :))

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