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From: Charles P. Hobbs <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 14:10:50 2000

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, Mike Ford wrote:

> >case in point: I haven't flown much, but ever since deregulation
> >of the airlines over hear, I've had numberous people tell me that
> >flying didn't have the prestige it once did; instead, it is like
> >riding the bus.

Tell me about it. When I was a kid (early 70's), we dressed up
in church clothes to fly across country. Nowadays, you can get
the same kind of folks that the "No Greyhound in the Amtrak Station"
people complain ....not much though. Never really had
a problem with other passengers on a plane, train, or (intercity)
bus, personally.

> >
> >So on one particular flight out of San Juan where most people
> >(apparantly) were complaining it was too cold, it was, for me,
> >far too hot, and I removed my shirt. Only my shirt.
> If anybody stared, just tell them, "malaria, makes me feel hot" and cough a
> couple times at them.

Or, <cough> <cough> Ebola, makes me feel hot...:-)
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