POST code for IBM P-70

From: Mark Gregory <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 15:21:50 2000

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From: Joe <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 1:35 PM
Subject: POST code for IBM P-70

> Can anyone tell me what the POST codes 165 and 221 mean on an IBM PS2
>P-70? The CMOS backup battery is good and I've tried to boot from the
>reference disk but it won't load anything from the disk even though it
>read it briefly.
> Joe

According to my references:

221 is a ROM to RAM parity error on the System board. Has someone perhaps
put non-parity SIMMs in that P70?

165 is a Configuration error. Try setting the date and time and running the
System autoconfiguration.

I would try putting known good parity SIMMs in the P70 and then try to run
the Reference and Diagnostics disks again.

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