How do you finance/afford your computer collection?

From: Charles E. Fox <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 13:33:06 2000

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>I'm interested in hearing how others on this list afford to maintain and
expand their collections. Especially people like John R. Keys. 8-D
Basically I take money out of my budgest and buy something when it strikes
me. Lately, Ive actually turned down some of the more popular computer
models because I either have one or more, or space is at a premium. I also
pay monthly for small off-site storage to hold some machines as I'm
reaching over 150 computers+accessories now. Is it feasible to start a
non-profit org to help pay for some of the costs one incurs while enjoying
this hobby or how would one solicit donations? I am reluctant to become too
commercial or plaster my domain with ads.
>hurry, hurry step right up! see the computers you used as a kid!

        I blew a good chunk of my pension a couple of years ago on the collection,
but haven't spent any money since although if anything real interesting
comes along I will probably weaken.
         Our science museum project is at a low ebb since the fellow promoting it
unfortunately died. Looks as if the computers will be in my basement and
garage for a while.


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