POST code for IBM P-70

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In my situations, incompatible memory usually posts a 225 or 221, but hard to say what's happening here. The 165 comes up usually because the .adf file for an installed adaptor card is missing. That will need to be cleared before the computer will boot from the hard drive. The P70/75 had issues with the floppy drive since it's mounted vertically but hopefully wont be a problem here. try using a cleaning disk on it. goto
choosing the PS2 area and download peter's adaptor card ID disk. any ps2 should boot that disk. Another thing i've noticed is dont access newly created reference disks on win9x machines. Ive discovered that sometimes doing a DIR on them renders them unbootable for some reason. have fun with that P70. it's a neat machine.

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Subject: POST code for IBM P-70

> Can anyone tell me what the POST codes 165 and 221 mean on an IBM PS2
>P-70? The CMOS backup battery is good and I've tried to boot from the
>reference disk but it won't load anything from the disk even though it
>read it briefly.
> Joe

According to my references:

221 is a ROM to RAM parity error on the System board. Has someone perhaps
put non-parity SIMMs in that P70?

165 is a Configuration error. Try setting the date and time and running the
System autoconfiguration.

I would try putting known good parity SIMMs in the P70 and then try to run
the Reference and Diagnostics disks again.


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