AT&T 6300 with monitor, up for grabs, almost free + shipping

From: Bill Dawson <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 21:16:59 2000

Hello all,

First the pictures, then the story:

I stopped in the local Hidden Treasures (actual name) store a couple of
weeks ago and noticed this on the shelf, minus keyboard. I've been a
regular visitor there for the last several years, and when I pointed out
to Terry, the new manager, that this system was kinda useless without
the AT&T keyboard, he told me to just take it, as in free, because it
was probably going to end up in the dumpster anyway since no one seemed
interested in it and this would save him the effort.

The power supply fan runs, and little else. No cursor, no boot, no
drive activity other than it initializing, no nothing, although the AT&T
monitor appears OK since when I turn off the system I get green all over
and retrace lines as the power collapses. Same if I unplug the monitor
when the system is powered up. The monitor is powered from the 6300 and
has a jumper from the PS to the video board, standard 6300.

Here's what's included:

AT&T monitor, no screen burn, cord storage in swivel base.

AT&T 6300 with:

PC1050 motherboard, markings of 0091-0-5-00 REV P4, AT&T 227692 T 10
CPU3 9/84, BIOS REV 1.21, FCC DVR7NICPU3; 8086-2 CPU, memory chips are
MOSTEK MK4564-N-15; WD1002-WX1 controller; Seagate ST-225; OLIVETTI
Video PCB, full length, markings of CRT 313M; OLIVETTI Bus converter;
5.25" floppy drive; power supply; etc.

This system is in very good to excellent condition. The computer is
dusty inside, but even the felt feet are still on it. The CRT case is
not yellowed. The story I got was that an elderly lady had donated it
to the store.

I'd prefer to sell this system as it is, complete, for $10.00 plus
shipping (2 boxes). If you are only interested in the monitor, $10.00
plus shipping also. If no one is interested in the 6300 intact, then I
will part it out, 1.2 x shipping for whatever assemblies you want from

Please email me off list and let me know what you need. Anyone who
wants the whole enchilada gets first dibs. If no one does, parts
seekers are on a FCFS basis.

I'm offering this to the list because I have enough going on and enough
systems to restore to keep me busy for the next 10 years. Yes, I can
probably find a keyboard and can also likely fix it, but I don't see
anything wrong with some systems ending up as parts donors for others.

I'll post to the list on the status of this as necessary. For shipping
purposes, my zip is 15301.

Bill Dawson <>

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