Zork on Apple II, wanted for PDP-11 (was Re: Thrift Store find: Apple IIgs)

From: John Wilson <wilson_at_dbit.dbit.com>
Date: Wed Jun 21 22:12:11 2000

On Wed, Jun 21, 2000 at 07:07:08PM -0500, Jay Jaeger wrote:
>The version that was originally ported to the PDP-11 in FORTRAN was
>submitted to DECUS. I played it under RSX-11 on a PDP-11/23 at one point,
>and have a copy on an RSX-11 pack that, last I tried it a few years ago,
>still worked. (Requests will currently be sent off to /dev/null -- too
>busy. 8-) ).

I'm surprised this isn't kicking around the net some place. Well I've got an
executable+data files for RT-11 on an 8" floppy (or two) somewhere, if anyone
wants a copy and it isn't already on an FTP site somewhere, drop me a line.

>Playing one of these older versions would suit the vintage of your PDP-11
>better, IMHO, than running one of the later Infocom ZIL version (even
>though those might be closer to the original source).

I dunno, I'm so tickled by the idea of someone seriously trying to sell games
for the PDP-11 that I'm certainly willing to forgive a 5-10 year difference...
It's *all* ancient history by now anyway. And it was certainly a nice fit,
I remember one of my roommates having trouble solving a puzzle in one of the
games because his C64 couldn't display backslashes correctly, no problem on
a VT52 though, and the speed was a lot better.

John Wilson
D Bit
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