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From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Jun 21 23:03:05 2000

 What is this HTML garbage?!? I'm responding to this over Yahoo and I'm stuck in this applet that wants to format my mail for me. :-P Anyway; I'm in Columbus and have already responded to this guy. I already have a couple of 11/750s (8Mb and 12Mb w/ various disks), so I'm not interested in shelling out a lot of coin for another, but I'll see what he wants for it before I decide what to do.


  David Williams <dlw_at_trailingedge.com> wrote:
Well I'd LOVE to have this but can't arrange it right now so if
anyone is interested please contact the person below. Damn, and
I so want to play with VMS.

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We have a VAX 11/750 system for sale (or trade) in Central Ohio. It
includes the disk drive, printer, a DECwriter, manuals (boxes!!), and
a variety of software. This lot fills a full-size Chevy van. If
possible, the preference is to sell the whole thing.


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