DECassetes and HPIL/HPIB available

From: Aaron Nabil <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 00:47:36 2000

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, Kevin Schoedel wrote:
> NOTE: I am currently busy and will probably not reply promptly to email.
> To those already waiting for replies on other things, my apologies; I'll
> respond as soon as I get spare time.
> I have 200 DECassettes (TU-60 tapes) on hand; I want to keep a few in
> case I ever get a TU-60, but would like the others to find good homes.
> They are 'new' in sealed bags (though as they are obviously old magnetic
> media and I don't know how they have been stored, this is no guarantee
> they will be usable).

I have a TU-60, and many what appear to be either RL01 or RL02 packs, but
I don't have either drive. I'd like your cassettes. I'll look to see if
I have an RL11, but I doubt that I do.

Aaron Nabil
Received on Thu Jun 22 2000 - 00:47:36 BST

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