How do you finance/afford your computer collection?

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 10:44:15 2000

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> Hi,
> It's not every time but at least very frequent when I read mail from you
> OutlookExpress(or outlook distress ;)) changes fonts to a larger one.
> My guess is you may be replying to a RTF or HTML message or have some odd
> embedded controls. Cant see it here as from work the mailer is PINE.
> Maybe someday I'll replace OutlookExpress but for the time being it
> mostly does what I want.

No need. Go into Tools.
Pick Options
Pick Read
Pick Fonts
Ensure encoding is set to Western European (Windows)
Set the font/size to your favourite.
Click Set as Default.
Click Ok
Click International Settings.
Put a tick in the Box marked Use Default encoding for all incoming messages.

That will display them in the default encoding method no matter what format
the incoming msg uses.

Works for me, it's a Microsoft product, so YMMV of course.


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