Thinker Toys (was: KFC (was: Mark your calendars for VCF 4.0

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 11:59:51 2000

> BTW, I also have for sale a post-namechange machine from a company once
> known as "Thinker Toys". $20 with local pickup for machine plus printer
> plus terminal (missing keyboard). $30 for machine by itself.
> HINT: KFC and Thinker Toys were both in Berkeley, and moved
> south once they became successful.

That would be Morrow Designs... George should've kept the Thinker Toys
thing, and put a hit out on the Tinker Toys lawyers.

I am the proud owner of two Thinker Toys products, the Wunderbus, and
the EconoRAM IV (hope that's the right model, this was one of those
really EARLY dynamic RAM boards; the ceramic gold-topped versions of
these chips worked fine, the but the plastic ones had trouble forgetting
things when they got hit by cosmic rays).

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