VT100's and RX01 in Kansas City

From: McFadden, Mike <mmcfadden_at_cmh.edu>
Date: Thu Jun 22 12:13:31 2000

> In my wanderings I just came across 2 VT100's, one of which doesn't power
> up the other I can't get to to test yet. I haven't found the keyboards.
> I also came across a "rack mountable" RX01. Basically a single 8 inch
> disk drive is just below on the left side of a 23 inch wide 3 inch high
> controller box. If there is any interest they will probably take $5 for
> the RX01 and $5 for both VT100's and I can arrange packing/shipping if you
> pay for it.
> VT100-AA case is yellowed with some scuffs. It seems to have both RS-232
> and 20ma connector on the back. RX01 has a 8 inch floppy diskette in it
> labeled "VMS 4.7 boot floppy working copy".
> Mike
> Wandering computer scrounger
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