IBM System/38 Availible (Again)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 13:03:34 2000

Owen Robertson <> wrote:
> There is still a System/38 available in San Francisco. If anyone is
> interested, please contact . It works and comes with a tape
> drive and several disk drives.

I'm still trying to arrange to save it. Mike and I went up there once,
and discovered that they have no loading dock. The System/38 is huge
and very heavy. It would barely fit on the lift gate of the 15' truck,
but it looked like the only way to get it into the truck would be to
use a wooden ramp from their doorway (several steps up from the sidewalk)
into the truck. That part looked feasible, but we didn't think we'd be
able to unload it from the truck.

I need to get more local people to help with the move. Any volunteers?
I can't offer to pay people for their time, but I'd certainly be willing
to buy beer & pizza.

I hope to arrange to do it on a Saturday, but I haven't yet found out
whether that works for the seller.

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