Free: Apollo DOMAIN/OS Software Distribution Tapes

From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 14:08:58 2000

Actually, Domain/OS is one of Apollo's 3 operating systems... Apollo started
back when AT&T wasn't licensing UNIX for commercial use, so they had to
create their own UNIX clone, which was actually better than UNIX. This was
called Aegis, later changed to be called Domain/OS. Later, when AT&T did
start licensing UNIX, Apollo was smart enough to know that even though Aegis
or Domain/OS, depending on what you called it, was better than UNIX, the
AT&T standard was what mattered to people, so they licensed UNIX, and that
became Domain/IX, and shortly afterward, HP bought Apollo and killed
basically everything other than Prism (PA-Risc).

Will J
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